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Women Supporting Women

If I’ve learned nothing else from our Retreat to Tuscany program, it is that we all need community and a sense of belonging; belonging to a small special group of women that we share life-changing experiences with, belonging to a village that opened their hearts and lives to us and treated us like family, and […]

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Connection And Hope

These past few weeks have created a wave of uncertainty, and life as we know it seems to be changing on a daily basis. What has inspired me daily and what keeps me optimistic through it all is the daily communication I have with my friends and colleagues in Tuscany, who are about 3 weeks […]

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Reinvent Yourself

Travel to a foreign land, full of love, acceptance and beauty. Rediscover your joy by reconnecting with that free-spirited 5-year-old girl, who so long ago was full of playful hope and wonder. Make new lifetime friends that feel like sisters. And begin the process of reinventing yourself.

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