Criteria for enrolling in the Retreat To Tuscany Program

– Does each woman have a sense of adventure, a willingness to try new things and a playful approach to getting out of her “comfort zone”?

Is she ready to commit to a renewed focus on self-care and well-being?

Has she grown through her difficult times?

Does she have courage, wisdom and compassion, a sense of humor, a great laugh, spirit and soul?

– Does she want to make a difference and help hold space for other courageous women who also need support for personal growth and break-throughs?

– Does she have a sense of community and a value for embracing a new culture where she can give back by sharing her talents and gifts?

– Can you count on her?

– Will the group be a sanctuary for her and create a safe environment to show up authentically? 

If Accepted – Your Commitment includes upholding the following Agreements and Promises.

– Self-care and wellness are held sacred through the preparation and full Retreat experience

We intend to stretch beyond our comfort zones and welcome new experiences.

– We are here for the purpose of reconnecting with ourselves and each other.

We celebrate openness and courage and strive for breakthroughs.

– Our journey is intended for us as individuals AND as a group.

– Confidentiality is fiercely held. Everything we work through in the group stays in the group.

– We are committed to non-judgment and honesty.

– We hold each other fully capable, creative and resourceful.

– We build connection by sharing our uniqueness and our commonalities.

– Curiosity and transparency always.

– We share inspiration through our stories and ways of being together.

– We encourage each other to think bigger and stretch beyond the familiar as we learn and grow.

– We champion each other and what is possible.

– We listen.

– We draw on our feminine leadership strengths with pride.

– We hold that positive change will be experienced for each member and the group.

– We trust the process and the group.

– We honor a growth mindset.

– We have fun!

My Commitment to you includes:

– Believing in you and your ability to discover and achieve your vision of success and that you know what is needed for your self-care on this journey.

– Allowing you to be 100% authentic and fully YOU.

– Being in integrity and honest at all times.

– Sharing resources, ideas and inspiration to support you as a part of this group.

– Creating a dynamic, safe and courageous circle for you to thrive in before, during and following the Retreat.

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