We know what it’s like doing research on a Retreat like this; we could go on and on and tell you amazing thing about this experience, but we’d rather have you hear it straight from our clients.  Enjoy the videos and written testimonials posted … keep scrolling!  We’ve got a lot of love to share here. 🙂


“I had the time of my life!  I came alone, and was little worried about that, but these women have become soulmates to me and it has been an amazing trip!”  – October, 2022

“Do NOT hesitate to do this NOW!  But go with an open heart and open mind, and be ready to come home a different person.” – October, 2022

“The week with you in Tuscany exceeded all expectations. I have such gratitude for the whole of it and the experiences you collected for us to dive into.”  – October, 2022


“I’ve learned so much about myself, about this gorgeous land, it’s culture, it’s history and it’s heritage. Put aside all those obsticles that you’re putting in front of you, put aside any of those objections, and do it for yourself; come to Retreat to Tuscany!” – October, 2022

“For so long, this was a dream. Then a reality. Now it is a memory. Every stage is something to be savored. The women on your team as part of this experience are top in their professions and bring so much more to the experience. Thank you!” – October, 2022

“I felt supported and included the entire time. I was pleasantly surprised at the synergy among the women on the retreat. It was absolutely beyond all my expectations.”  – May, 2022

“This retreat has brought me inspiration and joy!  I know I will be forever changed, and I have so much gratitude for this experience.”  – May, 2022

“Thank you so very much for this week full of wonderful experiences…you have helped us women to truly open our hearts and take ownership of our lives.”  – September, 2019

“I found peace during this Retreat experience.  Living in Montisi was life changing.  It made me think about the pace of my own life, and maybe I should do something about it…I saw a lifestyle that was so different than mine – something I would never have caught being on a tourist type of vacation.”      – September, 2019

“Everyone I met and everything we did exceeded my expectations! Spending time sharing with the other women and getting to know them was so special to me as I enter the next phase of my life. It was  made even more special to me since I got to share it with my best friend.”  – September, 2019


“I am so glad I said YES! to this amazing journey with you, the women and my sister. This retreat has been an experience I will cherish and continue to grow from.  Thank you from the bottom of my heart.” – September, 2019

“I pray I never forget the lessons I have learned at our retreat. Thank you for opening my heart.  We were so blessed to share this week with amazing women.”  – September, 2019

“I have loved spending this time on retreat with the locals – they are so uplifting! I love their life. There are so many blessings here in Montisi and surrounding areas, and we appreciate you being brave to start this retreat and support all the different women that you do SO support. Thank you!”  – September, 2019



“I am so grateful that I FINALLY got to travel to this special place in the world with you! The time to think, to process, to plan, to “be”, was awesome. Thank you for making this dream a reality for all!”  – September, 2019

“Thank you, thank you, thank you…. Wine, olive oil, shopping, down time…I think you have a wonderful variety of activities.”  – September, 2019

“Do it! Say “YES!” You deserve this!” – May, 2019

Your life isn’t complete until you participate!” – May, 2019


“Be open and embrace the total experience. Trust.” – May, 2019

Go with an open heart.” – May, 2019

“Go with an open mind. Soak up all the culture.” – May, 2019

“I loved being able to experience Tuscany in the way that we did. We had a private chef, a private tour guide, a private driver, and a private yoga teacher. It all exceeded my expectations. “ – May, 2019

“During the Retreat, I learned that sometimes others don’t see me as I see myself. The conversations at dinner were priceless!” – May, 2019

“It was amazing!! I’m happy you gave me this opportunity. I learned a lot about myself, saw some amazing things, ate great food and spent time with great people!!” – May, 2019

“Thank you so much, Theresa! Everything about my experience was wonderful! I will be forever grateful!” – May, 2019


“What did I learn while at Retreat to Tuscany? To live life and enjoy every moment. This trip woke me up to what I am missing in life. I need to spend more time with women and explore the world more. I learned so much and was so inspired by the other women in our group.” – October, 2018

” I witnessed and experienced transformation. This retreat is life-changing. You can’t help but to soften the heart and dive in to new perspectives when you are surrounded by the beauty of Tuscany, which I know we all felt.  To add love, support and education to our experience was invaluable.” – October, 2018

“Thank you SO much for putting such detail and effort into this retreat program!  It is unique and special!” – October, 2018

“This was an amazing trip and retreat because of the wonderful relationships with locals throughout Tuscany that Theresa has established for the group. These relationships made the experience personal and very special, and we were able to truly feel what it is like to live in Tuscany.” – October, 2018

“There is something about being in this village, participating in these daily experiences in Tuscany, that is transformational.  I’ve never experienced anything like it.” – October, 2018

“The retreat and coaching concepts, daily excursions and experiences were all planned down to the detail.  It was magnificent.” – October, 2018


“Theresa Callahan’s Retreat to Tuscany program exceeded my expectations! She has thoughtfully curated experiences to allow the participants to live fully in their truth. The magic that happens is indescribable. I came home feeling more self actualized and full of love.”  –  May, 2018

“Every day was a bucket list day. A cocoon of women, new friends and special old friends combined, loved every moment. The quality of the experiences, the leaders and the guide, Antonella, were all top!”  – May, 2018

“Best travel experience of my life!” – May, 2018

“I loved the yoga, the guided meditation and the coaching exercises around creating Balance in my life. I absolutely loved the whole experience and your itinerary!”  – May, 2018

“I liked the group coaching activities we did via video conference before the event, and what it brought out for other people. The whole experience was amazing.”  – May, 2018

“You did an amazing job with this retreat!  Very high end, and professional.  It exceeded my expectations!  The tours, activities, discussions, etc., were beyond amazing, and the bond we all developed among ourselves was something I don’t believe will ever be broken. During our retreat I felt we could all be ourselves – no one judged us, and we grew and bonded. It felt good to let go of my stresses and worries, and just laugh!  Keep this retreat going – it is something special.”  – May, 2018

“I felt that the choices of experiences were well thought out and gave a great introduction to life in Tuscany.”  – May, 2018

“I think the message behind this Retreat is true.  The experiences in this event were fabulous and great overall quality!  The Villa is beautiful and your core group is amazing – love our tour guides, Antonella and Liz, and we got such a great education about life in Tuscany.”  – May, 2018

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