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“So much space, such silence, so much time. To drift. To think. To let your mind roam anywhere it pleases. To dream. Perhaps the true luxury of our age is not the piles of goods we endlessly accumulate, but time. And perhaps the truest freedom is to be left alone.” -The Hills of Tuscany, by Ferenc Mate’

Tuscany is generously endowed with earthly wonders. Natural beauty, history, art, and cuisine: these things are not unique to other places, but everything comes together here in a special way that feeds your soul and connects with your heart. Tuscany provides us a slower pace of life, an opportunity to “be in the moment”, and when your physical self and your mind slow down… you can access so much from within. Breakthroughs happen, the mind actually feels sharper.

This is what our program, Retreat to Tuscany, is all about.

Join me on a personal journey of awakening as we immerse ourselves in a week of unique adventures focused on self-care and well being, and reconnect with the amazing leader in you.

Live like a Tuscan in a Private Villa with a group designed just for you

  • A small, private group retreat for 8-12 women for a 1-week guided , full-immersion Tuscan experience
  • Settle into the Tuscany lifestyle in your private villa that is nestled in the heart of Montisi, a vibrant small medieval hill town that is centrally located in the beloved Toscana region of Italy
  • Includes your private room with an ensuite bathroom at the gorgeous Villa Maddalena for 7 nights and 6 days of customized, guided tours and excursions (including some private and exclusive events designed just for this group), daily breakfast and group dinners, an off-site organic cooking class at a private family-owned farm, wine, cheese and olive oil education, shopping in lively Tuscan villages, art and history education, and daily transportation via private touring van
  • Morning yoga lessons with transformational coaching exercises designed to help you focus on self-care and personal development for the leader in you
  • Total investment: $4925 for Garden View rooms with private bath, and $4725 for Village View rooms with private bath.   Larger groups will also have access to the adjoining 2-bedroom fully furnished apartments, at $4525 per person.  This is a perfect choice for 2 women who want a shared space with a little more privacy, with full access to the Villa.
  • Not included: air fare, airport transfers, some mid-day lunches, and all personal shopping and purchases. You will be provided with a private travel consultant who can help you with booking travel arrangements, extended excursions and personal international travel advice, if needed. We also have options for group airport transfers and will assist with all coordination to and from the villa.

Enrollment NOW open for 2020 programs!

For the Leader in You: An independent personal journey that you can experience with a special group!

Once you are enrolled, you will be provided with monthly group videoconference coaching and education events with your Retreat to Tuscany travelers that includes:

-Setting intentions and personal goals for a transformational retreat experience

-Group coaching exercises focused on self-care and preparation for full immersion into the Tuscan lifestyle and your well being

-Education about the traditions and rituals of the Italian culture and your village of Montisi

-Guided workshops filled with travel and packing tips, provided by Theresa’s team of experts

-Journaling and clearing to open space for receiving all that your retreat has to offer you

-Preparation and support for quieting the chatter that holds you back from achieving your dreams while awakening the remarkable leader in YOU

-A special care package that includes gifts that will help to make your travels easy and fun!

Click this link to view current program available:

Retreat to Tuscany Signature Event



“What did I learn while at Retreat to Tuscany? To live life and enjoy every moment. This trip woke me up to what I am missing in life. I need to spend more time with women and explore the world more. I learned so much and was so inspired by the other women in our group.” – October, 2018

” I witnessed and experienced transformation. This retreat is life-changing. You can’t help but to soften the heart and dive in to new perspectives when you are surrounded by the beauty of Tuscany, which I know we all felt.  To add love, support and education to our experience was invaluable.” – October, 2018

“Thank you SO much for putting such detail and effort into this retreat program!  It is unique and special!” – October, 2018

“This was an amazing trip and retreat because of the wonderful relationships with locals throughout Tuscany that Theresa has established for the group. These relationships made the experience personal and very special, and we were able to truly feel what it is like to live in Tuscany.” – October, 2018

“There is something about being in this village, participating in these daily experiences in Tuscany, that is transformational.  I’ve never experienced anything like it.” – October, 2018

“The retreat and coaching concepts, daily excursions and experiences were all planned down to the detail.  It was magnificent.” – October, 2018

“Theresa Callahan’s Retreat to Tuscany program exceeded my expectations! She has thoughtfully curated experiences to allow the participants to live fully in their truth. The magic that happens is indescribable. I came home feeling more self actualized and full of love.”  –  May, 2018

“Every day was a bucket list day. A cocoon of women, new friends and special old friends combined, loved every moment. The quality of the experiences, the leaders and the guide, Antonella, were all top!”  – May, 2018

“Best travel experience of my life!” – May, 2018

“I loved the yoga, the guided meditation and the coaching exercises around creating Balance in my life. I absolutely loved the whole experience and your itinerary!”  – May, 2018

“I liked the group coaching activities we did via videoconference before the event, and what it brought out for other people. The whole experience was amazing.”  – May, 2018

“You did an amazing job with this retreat!  Very high end, and professional.  It exceeded my expectations!  The tours, activities, discussions, etc., were beyond amazing, and the bond we all developed among ourselves was something I don’t believe will ever be broken. During our retreat I felt we could all be ourselves – no one judged us, and we grew and bonded. It felt good to let go of my stresses and worries, and just laugh!  Keep this retreat going – it is something special.”  – May, 2018

“I felt that the choices of experiences were well thought out and gave a great introduction to life in Tuscany.”  – May, 2018

“I think the message behind this Retreat is true.  The experiences in this event were fabulous and great overall quality!  The Villa is beautiful and your core group is amazing – love our tour guides, Antonella and Liz, and we got such a great education about life in Tuscany.”  – May, 2018

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