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A Message from Theresa Callahan – Your Retreat Host

Ciao, Bella!


“I am inviting YOU to say “YES!” to Retreat to Tuscany” 

We are thrilled at the growth of our incredible custom Retreat experiences! Although our Fall 2021 Retreat is FULL we are now taking applications for our Spring and Fall 2022 events!  This special retreat program is transformational and empowering for women who are needing and desiring self-care, personal growth and breakthroughs.  I have had some powerful shifts in my business, relationships and life as a result of my travels through Tuscany, and I am thrilled to share this with other amazing women like you!

Why is this more than just a “vacation”?

LeadershipJournal-RetreatToTuscanyThis is about slowing down and bringing JOY back into your life; it’s about reconnecting with yourself.  It’s about quieting the chatter in your head and the whirlwind of responsibilities in your busy life by allowing you the opportunity to take pause and focus on your personal self-care and well-being.   In our relationships at home, at work and in life we spend a lot of time giving to others, and this is about giving back to yourself, all while being guided by myself and some special people whom I call friends and colleagues who live in our little village of Montisi, nestled in the spectacular hills of Tuscany.

In order to make shifts in your life, at home and at work, you must be clear on what you are striving for!  This retreat will give you some time to focus on YOU… and guide you through a remarkable week of experiences that will touch your heart, stir your creative energy, and hold space for you to take care of YOU.  I know you will love this opportunity!

And even though this will be a “retreat”… Yes!… There will be SO MUCH FUN!

  • Shopping the small villages of Tuscany at lively open markets and gorgeous boutiques
  • Culinary feasts that include pasta, cheese, olive oil, wine and other edible treasures of Italy
  • Cooking classes that include pasta-making, classic Italian dishes and delectable desserts
  • A guided painting class in the spring where you will create your own masterpiece of the Tuscan hillside, a keepsake which you can bring home and enjoy for years to come
  • Truffle Hunting in the hills of Tuscany in the fall
  • Morning yoga and meditation offerings to help you set intentions for each unique and special day
  • Learning about a new language and culture
  • Daily history lessons
  • Personal time to reflect, journal and be very, very present with yourself
  • Opt in daily, or take a day off with yourself to enjoy the pool, rest, write… or whatever you need to take care of YOU

I promise this retreat will be like no other experience you have ever had: Lots of walking, daily reflection and intentions, group yoga and coaching exercises that will support you in reconnecting with yourself and your heart, and an incredible environment that will stir every element of your creative spirit.  You also will be building relationships with other courageous women who will help to hold space for you to break through barriers, make powerful life shifts, and simply be champions for whatever personal work you are striving to focus on as a part of this retreat.

Please enjoy my interview by West Coast Italian Radio and see why Tuscany and her people are so special to me.


The RETREAT TO TUSCANY is a truly unique experience.


  1. To support women who desire a unique adventure as they focus on self-care, wellness and personal growth in a stress-free environment where they can reflect, reconnect with themselves and gain renewed clarity on what is most important to them at this pivotal time in their lives.
  2. To provide an incredible travel experience through a foreign country where the participants can immerse themselves in a new culture and environment that will stimulate their creative senses and help them break through barriers for transformational growth.
  3. To unfold the teachings of Theresa Callahan’s Leadership Development program, which is all about stepping more boldly into leadership and life.

Please complete the application and return it to me via email. Once received and your initial deposit is processed you will be sent further instructions and details for getting your travel plans booked. You will also be enrolled in the Retreat to Tuscany Private Coaching Group, which will meet for three virtual group coaching sessions prior to the event to help you prepare, set intentions and cement you goals for a transformational and FUN travel and retreat experience.
I am looking forward to our amazing and successful adventure together!

If you’d like to learn more about me and my WHY behind this amazing Retreat Experience, please enjoy this recent podcast interview. In this podcast I explain my journey of discovery, my coaching techniques and my story of creating a full-immersion coaching experience for women leaders, Retreat to Tuscany!

With gratitude,


Theresa Callahan
Executive Leadership and Career Coach

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