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The Journey of Discovering the Leader in You… 

I was recently interviewed by Kate Fessler, host of the podcast First Class Life, and I was asked about my intersected personal and professional paths that have shaped my life and led me to where I am today.  As someone who has coached high performing leaders and teams for decades, and designed workshops and speaking events for Executive teams throughout the country, I have always been able to identify others’ personal challenges and wins and how they have shaped them as leaders.  However, this raw, uncut 50-minute interview challenged me to dig deep and talk openly about how my personal experiences have acutely shaped and formed me, as a leader in my family, work, and life.

The greatest discovery I’ve made in my own journey, which has been a common element with high performing leaders that I work with, is the challenge to create fulfillment and joy in my life as I strive to create some sense of balance, personally and professionally. A theme I have noticed among the high performing female leaders I serve is that they also carry layers of guilt for feeling they are always falling short, masterfully striving to take care of everyone and everything else in their life but completely neglecting their own self-care.

The balancing act is a challenge!  And where did we learn that we need to care for everyone else in our lives before we focus on our own self-care?  Is it possible that we were taught that self-love and self-care is selfish?  The reality is that we can’t be good leaders and role models to anyone in our lives until we have done our own personal work, and that is where many of us stay stuck.

Hear my full podcast interview and learn about how these discoveries have led me to the development of a full-immersion Coaching and Retreat Experience based in a little village called Montisi in the southern hills of Tuscany, that helps women reconnect with themselves and put balance, fulfillment and joy back into their lives.

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