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Women Supporting Women

If I’ve learned nothing else from our Retreat to Tuscany program, it is that we all need community and a sense of belonging; belonging to a small special group of women that we share life-changing experiences with, belonging to a village that opened their hearts and lives to us and treated us like family, and […]

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Reinvent Yourself

Travel to a foreign land, full of love, acceptance and beauty. Rediscover your joy by reconnecting with that free-spirited 5-year-old girl, who so long ago was full of playful hope and wonder. Make new lifetime friends that feel like sisters. And begin the process of reinventing yourself.

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Women Leaders

As I board my flight to Rome and settle into my seat, I glance out the window and my emotions get the best of me. Not just because I am returning to this little slice of heaven in Tuscany that has captured my heart, but because of all the amazing women I get to share […]

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market day

5 Leadership Lessons

Returning home from Tuscany, my 3rd trip back to this beloved region of Italy in the past 13 months, it’s beginning to feel like a second home for me. With much more intention and purpose behind this trip and 20 travel days, new discoveries emerged about myself, my work and my view of the world.

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Leadership Lessons

During my 15 days in Tuscany, I journaled daily, created stories through video and photos of my experiences, smiled under the Tuscan sun for countless hours daily, shed tears of joy and of loss from my past and was greeted daily with the discovery of new, and fell in love again in many ways. It […]

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